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WeSwap’s people-powered platform has helped almost 400,000 travellers save big time on spending overseas - now we want to do the same for businesses. Be part of the beta today!

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One less expense to worry about

Small businesses lose billions to currency fees and thousands of hours to expenses admin every year. Ouch.

We’re building WeSwap for Business to help - removing expenses admin and making spending for business in any currency cheaper, hassle-free and rewarding for all. Job done. 

Get started in minutes

Give every employee an easy way to spend at home or abroad with our award-winning cards.

It typically takes just 2 minutes, and they’re off - it’s a Mastercard®, so accepted worldwide.

Manage expenses your way

Advance funds or reimburse later – it’s easy either way.

Teams can tag and export accurate, multicurrency, admin-friendly expenses in just 3 taps with the app. 

Loved by business travellers everywhere

When it's no-one's job to sift through receipts, everyone wins.

The result? Less hassle, more control, and a travel expense card both employees and admins love to use.

How much does it cost?

Self Employed

This one's

Teams up to 20

This one's also

Teams over 20

Oh look, this one's

too. Funny that.

We don’t believe in bloated packages, lengthy sign up processes or tricky contracts. And if you sign up for our beta now, we’ll never charge you subscription fees.

Built with you, for you

This is just the start. Join us now and you'll be part of shaping our product for future businesses everywhere including:

Rewards for all - not just company directors

Cashback for your business, points for employees. Everybody wins!

Tools to help the
bottom line

Think money transfers, budget planners and currency trading tools to get the best rates.

Beautifully easy to
use portal

One place to manage all your wallets and cards. Lovely.

Be one of the first

Built by business travellers and loved by admins, we're building travel and expense cards like never before.

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